Emeral... land of fantasy and creation

Welcome to the About Section

So! You'd like to learn about Emeral and/or Cynther? Well, this is the place to do so.


Emeral's current layout is based around a picture I took of some vines attached to the neighbor's fence, my "personal" symbol of a green raven, and the Black Rose font. I wanted something that was leaning towards a professional look, but not too much so, and would be easily maleable. Once Emeral is complete there will be literally hundreds of sub-pages!


Emeral is my creation, a planet whose creation kept me sane through high school. It has had changes, but remains true to the idea of "something from nothing," that there is wonder in everything.

It exists in a dimention parallel to most of the rest of the world, created by the sheer willpower of a princess/mage trapped there by a dark vortex. Perhaps some day I will share more of that story...


Cynther as a character has an unusual background that involves a lot of transformation, both physical and mental. The person behind Cynther and Emeral is...
Cynthia Porter, currently a florist, previously a caterer and assistant manager of a University cafeteria. I have a B.A. in sociology though I also studied women's studies, studio arts, and English. College is for learnin'. ~_^

At a young age I wanted to be an artist. Around the age of 8 I decided that was an unrealistic goal and decided I would become a botanist. I started to hybrid plants and excell in science... until 10th grade when I discovered I fainted when dissecting. I floundered and re-discovered art, due mostly to the internet.

Attending university I was, once again, thrown away from the path of an artist. Knowing I could not do 'hard' science I discovered an immense love of sociology through a fluke, though I knew I could never be a social worker. Working at the cafeteria as a student I was hired on afterwards and continued there until I felt I was no longer learning.

Back to my love of plants I discovered floral shops and I haven't looked back. =) It also allows me to work artistically, besides all of the web-related things I have done through high school and college. And that brings us to present day!

............................................................................................Coding, Graphics, Layout Cynthia Porter, 2009