Alucaen Area

Alucaen were drawn by me and colored by Tigeress Rikku for the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

A beautiful, light-bluish creature wanders about, seemingly not attached to any one area.

Name: Daumera | Gender: Female | Element: Dawn
Rank: Enue | ID: AC008 | Price: 40g

Perhaps, at some point, she will find her place. You can only hope such a thing will happen. . .

A sheet floats through this place as well, catching it you read:

Name: Cahism | Gender: Male | Element: Relique
Rank: Skoll | ID: AC020 | Price: 70g

You are about to wonder where he is, when a red creature much like the other comes upon you, stopping to look, and then travelling after the other.

A third catches your eye slinking after the first two. It pays your presence no heed.

Name: Synth | Gender: Female | Element: ???
Rank: Skoll | ID: ??? | Price: N/A

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