Anubis Area

Anubis come from Razz at the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

A small area close to the mountains has been cleared, recently, it appears.

You would assume creatures live here, but you haven't seen any... wait! What was just moving on the ground? Some sort of bug...?

You inspect closer, and no! They are like colorful, miniature dogs! One has wings and the other has even tinier jewelry!

Name: Hawk | Gender: Male | Rank: Alpha | Show Quality: Excellent
Mutations: Chibi Wings | Color: Smoky Fire | Price: 15g

Name: Churm | Gender: Female | Rank: Alpha | Show Quality: Good
Mutations: None | Color: Night Sky | Price: 15g

They're quite adorable. ^_^ Maybe it's time to go back:
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