Candra Trees

Candra come from Zeta at the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

The path leads you... nowhere, it seems. Only trees are in front of you. None of the cleared-out, meadow-like areas, but this seems to be where the path ends.

Wait! What was that? A motion in the trees has caught your eye, and when you turn your head, you spot a bird.

Name: Roso | Gender: Male | ID: CN06 | Price: 20g | Breed: Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male)

It's very pretty. Reminds you of something... an Earthly creature, but you aren't sure what. Quite possibly a bird... but who can keep all the kinds of those straight.

Another flies up, and chirrups to the first.

Name: Violea | Gender: Female | ID: CN23 | Price: 20g | Breed: Unrealistic

This one doesn't remind you of any, but it is a nice shade of purple. ^_^

A third peeks from behind this second. It reminds you of a combination of the previous two... a baby, perhaps?

Name: Quessa | Gender: Female | ID: CN34 | Price: 15g | Breed: Mix (Viola x Roso)

It sings a very pretty song, then seems to take a small bow and flies off. The other two seem very happy with this... and then fly off themselves.

Just as you ponder leaving, yet another of these birds enters the scene.

Name: Eglen | Gender: Male | ID: CN31 | Price: 15g | Breed: Bald Eagle

Another that reminds you of an Earth creature! It seems very... proud. It then flies off the same direction the others did. A convention, perhaps? Who would ever know.

Eh well, since the path no longer goes forward, it might be time to go back...
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