Destyres Area

Destyres were drawn by me and colored by Talia at the Shivuez/Shiven Market and Comeltum

Lava Bar

In a heavily forested area, rather far away from where you saw the first Destyres, you come across several of them again... Though they're hiding in shadows, so you can't exactly see them well.

The first to emerge is one of those large ones with wings... She flares them at you, sniffing the air, trying to decide if you're dangerous. A second follows closely behind, parroting her.

Old Pic
Name: Regeniama | ID: De60 | Gender: Female | No Colony
Rank: Alpha | Features: Based off of a picture of a unicorn, multi coloured splash markings and grey muzzle marking, multi hued wings, pearlized hooves and horns.

Name: Intersection | ID: De188 | Gender: Male | No Colony
Rank: Alpha | Features: White underlying body colour with light red/salmon markings and light coloured stockings. Pure white wings, and red horn colour (unusual).

"I won't hurt you," you state.

~Well, then. You must be a visitor. Welcome to the beginnings of my Colony,~ she states and smirks a bit. Soon three more emerge, one with markings that sparkle like diamonds, and a tail 'bracelet' to boot!

Name: Tenedor | ID: De47 | Gender: Male | No Colony
Rank: Hunter/Scout | Features: Multihued textured coat (muted rainbow), white leg markings and markings on tips of ears, star spark tatoos on rear leg and near eye.

Name: Chazenga | ID: De120 | Gender: Female | No Colony
Parentage: Ing (Sire) x Ashiina (Dam) Colony of Light Fantastic
Rank: Beta | Features: purple underlying body colour (mother), turquoise dipped markings on muzzle, legs and tail (colour and marking type inherited from father). Starry tatoo on eye and haunch, as well as crystal tatoo (both from mother)

Name: Biafuega | ID: De154 | Gender: Female | No Colony
Parentage: Desaii (Sire) x Styuzuli (Dam) Colony of Light Fantastic
Rank: Beta | Features: White body colour (unique, recessive genes from parents?), flame markings down spine (dad's markings), orange/red hooves

~My other hunter/scouts are around, as is another Beta who will probably join us, and I shall even have a Mystic. Emeral contains part of the Light Fantastic, Chazenga and Biafuega here's birth colony, actually... but I believe it is too large. So,~ she pauses, ~I will be starting a new colony.~

Another Destyre rambles up and bows its head a bit to Regeniama, seems to speak and then continues on...

Name: Ciscaras | ID: De140 | Gender: Male | No Colony
Parentage: Unknown/Wild
Rank: Hunter/Scout | Features: Blue with textured coat and white markings, celestial tatoos in various places on coat.

~Another one who will join me, my second required hunter/scout...~

You shrug. She smiles. ~I suppose the visitors aren't interested in Destyres politics. Now, if you please, you may go back or elsewhere...~

You nod, and go that way... or... she flicked her head East when she mentioned more?...

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