Destyres Area

Destyres were drawn by me and colored by Talia at the Shivuez/Shiven Market and Comeltum

Lava Bar

Entering the next area, you hear a snort. Whipping about, a dark creature with flame-colored and shaped markings can barely be made out in the shade of some trees.

Name: Burnat | ID: De05 | Gender: Male | Light Fantastic
Rank: Beta | Features: Horns, unique flame colouration | Price: 50G

It moves its head, and a small flash eminates from the area. As your eyes adjust to looking there, you note it has two small horns upon its nose. That must be what caused the flash.

It doesn't seem the creautre is going to come forth... but, you can't say you blame it. Afterall, dark colors and bright light are uncomfortable.

However, a rustling of leaves and... something else.. happens farther back, and both you and the creature look towards it. From the foliage another emerges, but this one carries wings!

Name: Ashiina | ID: De10 | Gender: Female | Light Fantastic
Rank: Alpha | Features: Horns, wings, unique markings | Price: 70G

It also carries shiny, almost metallic markings. When it steps forth, they dazzle your eyes and the overall effect is overwhelming. The creature smirks, obviously aware the effect its appearance has, and then steps back into the foliage, nudging its compatriot, and they travel back away from your view...

However, they both stop when two more step forward, and then they all gather around something or other.

Name: Shuengi | ID: De17 | Light Fantastic
Gender: Male | Rank: Hunter/Scout
Features: Unique markings, stockings and unique colouration | Price: 45G
Name: Falinia | ID: De24 | Light Fantastic
Gender: Female | Rank: Beta
Features: Unique markings (2 sets), unique coloration | Price: 55G

The one with the wings gestures for you to come closer. You freeze, and they all turn, and gesture for you to see whatever they are surrounding.

Cautiously, you travel forward and see...

Name: Shatelleck | ID: De14 | Gender: Male | Rank: Alpha | Light Fantastic
Features: 2 sets of unique markings, alpha status, 2 stages, first w/rainbow wings, horns

He gets up, stretches, and nuzzles the first with wings and a horn as himself.

They seem to be a rather close-knit group, though there is a definite heirarchy about their behavior. Even to an outsider it is plain the two winged ones are better treated than the others and a bit revered...

The rainbow winged purple seems to guesture with his head. Do you go that way?

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