Destyres Area

Destyres were drawn by me and colored by Talia at the Shivuez/Shiven Market and Comeltum

Lava Bar

Two more emerge, first a purple and blue...

Name: Styuzuli | ID: De37 | Gender: Female | Rank: Beta | Light Fantastic
Features: Leg markings, starry tatoos, textured coat, blue blaze

The second is much differently colored than the others have been... much like a pinto!

Name: Pintlesque | ID: De28 | Gender: Male | Rank: Hunter/Scout | Light Fantastic
Features: highlights on tail and around eye, white star tatoo, pinto-like markings, burgundy blaze

While you admire them, another peeks timidly from the foliage, then steps out. The others seem to give this third a higher reguard, and though you've figured they follow a heirarchy, you aren't sure if that's why.

Name: Amethyst | ID: De01 | Gender: Female | Rank: Beta | Light Fantastic
Features: Purple female, blue swirl tatoos (first Destyres ever coloured, first beta ever made)

At any rate, this one does seem more distinguished somehow. It's too bad they generally seem to refuse to speak with you or you could ask...

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