Destyres Area

The outline for Destyres were created by me (and I colored these particular Destyres), credit to Talia for the adoption. ^_^

Lava Bar

Regeniama informs you her 'colony' has grown and gestures to the East with a slight twist of her head. Figuring it would be something to do, you follow her vague directions. . . thankfully, more figures soon appear, and they are more Destyres.

The first two that greet your vision have some of the most outlandish markings you've seen! Stripes something like a cross between a tiger and a zebra (tibra? zeger? what?) and another with swirls imitating the wind...

TigreyaWind Over Earth Destyre
Name: Tigreyan | Gender: Male
Rank: Hunter/scout | ID#: De146
Description: blue underlying body colour with white tiger/zebra stripes all over coat.
Name: Vientorra | Gender: Female
Rank: Hunter/scout | ID#: De147
Description: green/blue underlying body colour with white spiral/circle markings all over coat.

The third seems very bland in comparison, but has the nose horns, so is of a higher rank... and I suppose it doesn't matter to him that you think he's bland.

Name: Escalan | Gender: Male | Rank: Beta | ID#: De145
Description: blue body with scale like texturing, golden wave marking stretching from eye to shoulder

This last one eyes you for a bit, then wanders over. ~Escalan,~ he states, rumbling a bit. ~I suppose Regeniama told you about us?~

You nod. He seems satisfied and nods to the others. Thinking they will visit, you smile, and then frown as you realize this just was the signal for them to leave instead of being on guard... bit disappointing.

Well, back to Regeniama, the others, or maybe the market?
The Others
Emeralian Trading Post

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