Destyres Area

Destyres were drawn by me and colored by Talia at the Shivuez/Shiven Market and Comeltum

Lava Bar

A solitary Destyre close to Regeniama and her 'Colony' but still apart catches your gaze. It is another one of those numerous Destyres with the horns, but without wings. Whatever their society might refer to them as... since you haven't been able to ask.

When it realizes you are staring at it, it comes closer, giving you a full view of it's uniqueness...

Name: Igmatico | ID: De155 | Gender: Male | No Colony
Rank: Beta | Features: semi custom, awarded during the festival. Teal underlying body colour, with sky blue and silver markings throughout coat. Sky blue hooves and horns. Off white chinese symbol on leg.

~Questions, Visitor?~

"Many... but I get the feeling you're not here to answer them."

He chuckles. ~Indeed, not. I would find it a bit tedious for my tastes. But I suppose I could find it in myself to answer two.~

You blink. "Two I choose or two you choose?"

He smirks. ~That you choose... and, by the way, that's one question answered.~

You nearly smack yourself in the head. Such a waste of a question! Should you ask who this one is? Or about the Destyres? Or... too many questions!

"How about you tell me what's going on with this Colony and ranking business?"

~I could be a bit evil and consider that two questions, but I'll cede this time. A colony is a group of Destyres that tends to have a lot to do with rank. We have a system set up based a lot on physical features that sets a specific social path for each of us. I, myself, possess horns, and am therefore a beta. Were I to also possess wings, I would be a bit higher as an alpha. Were I to possess no horns and wings, I would be even higher as a mystic... and then there are variations on that for elementals, and the highest rank of our four pixies. Destyres with seasonal magic ablities and fairy wings,~ he shrugs. You can tell he's not really fascinated by this, more parroting the information.

"Does that mean beta is the lowest rank? And what about the non-winged, non-horned ones?"

He sighs. ~The usual non-winged, non-horned ones are the lowest rank, that of hunter/scouts. Some of them, however, are elementals... if they posess... other... distinguishing characteristics.~

You can tell he's getting a bit uncomfortable talking about such things. "So those are my questions?"

He remains silent, smirking wider. After a bit you think about smacking yourself in the forehead. That would be another question... "Thanks," you state. He nods and goes back to his previous activity, watching Regeniama from a distance.

Perhaps you should have asked about him. Ah, well, too late now... Besides, something interesting must be headed this way. Igmatico is bowing!

Soon a destyre in colors unlike any you've seen emerges. Physically, it looks similar to Regeniama and Intersection... but there are no horns.

Name: Rocayade | ID: De187 | Gender: Male | No Colony
Rank: Mystic | Features: Orange/yellow body colour (textured) with rainbow/multicolour wings. Starburst markings on flank and over eye.

It seems to take no heed of your presence, and continues on its walk to whereever. Rather disappointing... but you can always go back to Regeniama, the others, or maybe the market?
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