Destyres Area

Destyres were drawn by me and colored by Talia at the Shivuez/Shiven Market and Comeltum

Lava Bar

While visiting the Destyres, an odd feeling comes over you and, suddenly, you're falling.

Or it feels like you're falling, anyway. Opening eyes closed in a scream to see how far away the ground is, you note you're suspended in mid-air and everything seems gray... How very odd...

Not particularly.

A voice invades your mind and twisting your head about you catch a glimpse of a most unusual Destyre...

Name: Aetheria | ID: ??? | Gender: Female | Rank: Spirit Elemental
Features: ???

A smirk plays across its features. Welcome to my spirit realm, it states in a rather non-commital way. I created it for solitude from the others as sometimes the reverence they carry for me is tiring.

The Destyres moves into your field of vision, eyeing you curiously. I am unsure how you tripped the entrance mechanism, but I will send you out now. It is uncomfortable for those unused to it, I know.

Before you can react, the feeling is gone and everything looks as it looked before. No chance to thank the creature or question anything about it...

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