Forlit Caverns

Forlit are made by IvySpring for the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

The winding path through the mountains leads you to a cave entrance. Unsure what is inside, but knowing that it might be a nice place to rest, you decide to chance it and enter the opening.

Surprisingly, it is not dark inside the cavern, but is lit by many glowing boxes. It appears the boxes are lit by a sort of magic, which tells you Cynther has probably been about here, and it is probably safe.

It is darker than outside, though, and when your eyes adjust, you note a creature staring at you!

Name: Nievah | Gender: Female | Status: Alpha
Coloration: Grey and Blue | Pattern: Marked

At first, she is as surprised by you as you are by her, but she soon smiles. "You must be one of the visitors I was told to expect. Welcome."

You nod a welcome and she continues. "I am a Forlit, the first to travel to Emeral. My name is Nievah. I can't tell you much about our species except if you ever meet more of us, you can tell males from females by our tails and ears. Although," she pauses, "you would probably be better off going by tails." She swishes hers. "Long, long tails are females."

Another emerges from the shadows. This one has a shorter tail. Interesting!

Name: Charnel | Gender: Male | Status: Alpha
Coloration: Black with yellow nose, flame mark | Pattern: Fire Elemental - Marked

"So this one must be your boyfriend?"

Nievah chuckles. "I suppose you could say that, this is Charnel. He's the second to come. We've created a pack, since a third came along..." she pauses. "I wonder where Lysshe is, anyway?"

Charnel shrugs, but you get your answer when what first appears to be disembodied legs nears you. She's apparently mostly pitch-black.

Name: Lysshe | Gender: Female | Status: Nursekeeper
Coloration: Black with white | Pattern: Dipped

"There you are!" Nievah grins. "Nursekeepers are important to packs, they take extra special care of pups!"

You smile and nod, again, and Nievah seems satisfied, travelling farther into the Caverns with Charnel and Lysshe closely in tow. That was a nice little break from walking, anyway...

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