Gywark Area

Gywark come from At Full Empty and Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

A small area close to the mountains has been cleared, recently, it appears.

Two figures, both with flame-like markings on them, are in the area. But the coloration beyond that is entirely different. One is a silver or white and black; one is a teal and purple. There is no doubt in your mind Cynther had a hand somewhere in the genes for that second one...

Name: Kwaodah | ID: GID002 | Gender: Male | Element: Night
Special: Colored by Owner | Owner: Cynther

Name: Quinnia | ID: GID003 | Gender: Female | Element: Fire
Special: Colored by Owner | Owner: Cynther

While you are studying them, two more appear. The first one is much brighter in coloration... yellows and creams. And it has some interesting jewelry as well.

Name: Apollis | ID: GID012 | Gender: Male | Element: Sun
Special: Guest colored by Viiria | Owner: Cynther

The second (or fourth, depending on your point of view), is much different than all of them. It is bigger, has enormous claws, and one, large, membraned wing...

Name: Mahtrixa | ID: DGID002 | Gender: Female | Element: Darkness
Special: Guest colored by Viiria; one winged | Owner: Cynther

She seems to be guarding two small ones... babies!


The first one and last one seem to be glaring at you, though the other two seem quite placid. But... Maybe it's time to go back. That last one does have enormous claws!
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