Leonine Subhills

Tyvan and Quarlot are created by Leo for the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

Two very different creatures cavort happily together in the smaller hills before the mountains in Emeral. They don't seem to be exactly the same species, but you can never be sure. Mutations... Eh. There'll be a stat sheet, right?

They soon notice your presence and stop for a bit, cautious...

Starlit SerenityQuniostia
Name: Starlit Serenity | Male | Colour:Star Struck | Type:Celestial | ID:TY06Gen2005
Name: Quniostia | Female | Colour: Purple Splotch | Type:Unique | Mutations:Jewelry | ID:Q002Gen2005

After they've decided you're not going to hurt them, they promptly begin to play again. It seems very unlikely they'll actually talk to you or the like, so you might as well go...
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