Pack of Broken Waters

Spirit Wolves were drawn by me and colored by Everlyn at the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

A howl eminates from the woods, it seems quite far away. A couple minutes pass and then another howl erupts from the foliage, this one quite a bit closer. Then a third and fourth, somewhere in between.

The first howls again, and it has neared the position of the middle, and then the closest howls again, and both the farthest away and middle one join in chorus.

Then, all is silent... until you hear a rustling quite close to yourself, and when you look over you see eyes. Why can you only see eyes of the creature when it is still daylight?

It emerges and you see why. With its coloration, it blends perfectly into the shadows and light underneath the trees.

Name: Dark Waves | ID#: SW005 | Rank: Alpha Male | Color: Moon and Sky

It spreads wings, large, feathered wings that are black where they connect to the body, and the feathers themselves alternate a mid-gray and white.

It folds the wings, and sits on its haunches. It offers you only a few glances, and besides that watches the treeline intently.

Soon enough, you hear more rustling, and another emerges.

Name: Shimmering Ocean | ID#: SW008 | Rank: Alpha Female | Color: Sunstruck Water

This one rubs closely against the first, then seats itself, looking quite pleased, though also eyeing the foliage expectantly.

They don't have to wait long and two more emerge.
Name: Hazy Reflections | ID#: SW021 | Rank: Beta Female | Color: Dusk

Name: Eroded Shores | ID#: SW??? | Rank: Herbologist | Color: Black Tipped

The third seems to grovel a bit, and does not take the opportunity to seat itself, but keeps a close alert eye looking about continually. The fourth seems particularly interested in the vegetation. Rather odd, for a wolf, anyway.

Then again, they have wings, which is definitely odd for wolves to begin with! Shrugging you ponder their behavior. This third one must be the lowest pack member, the first two the breeding pair. As for the last, who knows...

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