Terwora Forest

Terwora are drawn by Uni, colored by Phoenyx Fyre for the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

A beautiful, light-bluish creature wanders about, seemingly not attached to any one area.

Name: Mos | Meaning: Swift | ID: tw004
Gender: Male | Rank/Type: None/Air | Clan: Forgotten Realm

It seems a combination of horse and... wolf? Odd that an herbivore would breed with a carnivore. But, then again, that's not usually how these creatures come about!

It notices your presence and seats itself, clear aqua eyes taking in your every move. Curiousity killed the cat... but it seems to be no part cat. This brings a smile to your face and it seems more interested in you.

"Is my appearance amusing?"

A cough. This creature can speak!

"Well, of course I can speak. And I am not just any ol' 'creature,' I am a Terwora. Call me Mos."

Now it is this... Terwora's... turn to be amused by you. "Oh, sorry," you state. "Just... a lot of the other creatures haven't talked."

"Oh," Mos states. "I'm rather new here so I was not informed of that yet. But I suppose I will be. I'm off to do more exploring, as I am sure you are, Traveller."

You nod. There's not much else to do. Mos chuckles. "Maybe I will see you elsewhere."

After he leaves, another enters, seemingly quite confused.

Name: Bolaer Shaji | Meaning: Violet Blaze | ID: tw014
Gender: Female | Rank/Type: None/Doom | Clan: Forgotten Realm

"I'm not confused!" she snorts, indignantly.

"Yes, I heard that. We Terwora are telepathic... which you would guess makes it easier to find someone, but apparently... not."

"Yes, I'm looking for Mos. That way? Okay, thanks."

It lopes off. Weirdest. Conversation. Ever.

A third joins the revelrie in confusion, very differently colored than the first two.

Name: Thosaerasaes | Meaning: Firestarter | ID: tw019
Gender: Male | Rank/Type: None/Fire | Clan: Forgotten Realm

"Thosaerasaes, before you ask... it means Firestarter. Rather fitting for my coloration, don't you think?"

The Terwora pauses, apparently thinking quite deeply about something.

"Mos and Bolaer have been through, I am assuming?" he chuckles. "She didn't tell you her name, as usual. Her full name would be Bolaer Shaji, Violet Blaze."

"Do you all have fire-related names?"

Firestarter blinks. "You know, I hadn't noticed that before. Mos could be, I suppose, fire moves quickly... but, no, it's just a coincidence." He chuckles again and lopes off, probably to tell the others what silly thing the traveller thought up.

Oh well...

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