Wiffit Gathering

Wiffits are made by LessaLynn for the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

A beautiful, light-bluish creature wanders about, seemingly not attached to any one area.

Name: Counting Snowflakes | Sex: Female | Type: Seasonal | Subtype: Winter

It seems an odd combination of cat and butterfly. Sniffing the air, it must catch your scent as it whips about to face you.

~Who goes there?~

A voice, clear and bell-like, invades your mind. And then subsides.

Before you can answer, another, like her (you assume her)-- though purple instead-- wanders up and seems to talk with her before also seating itself to look in your direction.

Name: Lilac Obsessions | Sex: Female | Type: Seasonal | Subtype: Spring

This second reminds you somehow of flowers. And then there is another, reminiscent of fire and charcoal, who joins them.

Name: Burned Desire | Sex: Female | Type: Elemental | Subtype: Fire

They all face you, making you more than a little nervous. When you hear noises behind yourself, though, that's the final straw....

See what is behind?
Run to the Emeralian Trading Post!

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Border instructions are from Freemo.com
Backgrounds by Cynther