Wiffit Gathering

Wiffits are made by LessaLynn for the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

Two more of these creatures are behind you, though different than the first three. These two have horns in place of the antenae, and tufts upon their tails.

Name: Shadow Blizzard | Sex: Male | Type: Seasonal | Subtype: Winter

Name: Chaotic Blazes | Sex: Male | Type: Elemental | Subtype: Fire

They all face you, and again, a mind invades your voice. It is certainly different this time though. A rough, rumbling baritone instead of a clear, bell-like sound.

~You have stumbled upon our Gathering, visitor. Counting Snowflakes, the first you encountered, was quite startled. I have since assured her you will be of no harm... correct?~

There is a touch of menace to the words, and though their bodies are only the size of your arms... those horns look sharp and one would guess they have claws. You do all you can do: nod in agreement.

~Splendid and wonderful. I am Chaotic Blazes, and next to me is my our leader, Shadow Blizzard. The three beautiful ladies you met are Counting Snowflakes-- of course-- Lilac Obsessions, and Burned Desire.~

Another voice, though more on the tenor side interrupts. ~If you wish to explore more of our area, I give you permission. Just keep your distance.~

Shadow Blizzard rises, with an air about him that makes you wonder why he wasn't the one to speak... but then you realize Chaotic Blazes had a more beautiful voice and more... social grace. Oh well, at least you got permission to explore?

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