Wiffit Gathering

Wiffits are made by LessaLynn for the Shivuez/Shiven Market

Lava Bar

Three wiffits tumble about in the secluded area Chaotic Blazes sent you to. Two are female, and red based. The third is a male of striking yellows and oranges. He notices you first and stops roughing with his sisters.

Solar Flaring
Name: Solar Flaring | Sex: Male | Type: Elemental | Subtype: Fire | Burned Desire x Chaotic Blazes
Note: has patches of different colored fur other than his normal coat color. Also, specialization of Solar Flare. He specializes in being able to convert solar energy into useable heat, enough to start fires or melt ice. He can also store this energy for several hours, allowing him to use it after dark as well. He can do brief blasts of heat much more intense than a normal fire due to the ability to build up energy as well.

He tilts his head curiously at you and soon the other two stop playing as well, seeming very surprized.

Name: Starlit Fire | Sex: Female | Type: Elemental | Subtype: Fire | Burned Desire x Chaotic Blazes
Note: has a star pattern on her wings as opposed to the normal fae pattern usually seen.

Name: Cool Blaze | Sex: Female | Type: Elemental | Subtype: Fire | Burned Desire x Chaotic Blazes
Note: first wiffit with blue based leg skin.

The sisters turn to each other and appear to be conversing. The male continues to watch you and seems to be trying to decide if you are at threat or not.

After a bit, all face you, and the darkest-colored female steps forward a bit, invading your mind with speech. ~I am Starlit Fire, and these are my siblings... Brother Solar Flaring and sister Cool Blaze. May I assume one of the others sent you here?~

You nod and all seem to relax a bit. ~Then you are welcome to stay. But we would like to continue our game.~ Starlit Fire seems to smile and pounces Cool Blaze. Solar Flaring jumps in as well and once again it is a roll of tumbling, multitudious fur colors.

As you decide to leave, you spot another Wiffit, hiding in the shadows.

Name: Enchanted Violet | Sex: Male | Type: Seasonal | Subtype: Summer | Wild x Wild
Note: previously abandoned.

You near the location and it hisses at you. The kits stop playing. ~Hey,~ Starlit Fire enters your mind again, ~leave poor Enchanted Violet alone. He's had a rough go of it.~

This causes you to stop. Rough go of it? And Enchanted Violet is... male? Before you have a chance to snicker, he hisses again and you think better of it. "Sorry to hear that," you state, in a sort of appology, and head elsewhere.

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