My name is Cynthia Porter. I design and create leather accessories and wire jewelry in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have been crafting from a very young age, following in both of my grandmothers’ footsteps. Selling at their booths during Fourth of July was my first foray into arts and crafts as a business and I started selling things at school (Cynthia’s Crafty Critters) soon after.


This continued through college (eventually becoming Emerald Raven Creations), and I began to take classes, watch videos, and read tutorials online, slowly learning and expanding my knowledge and skills.

After over 20 years of dabbling, I finally feel ready and have established myself as a business in Minnesota. The basement of my home has been turned into a studio, I’ve started attending shows myself as a vendor, and now this blog will give me a foray into the online world.

I hope you enjoy my offerings through Emerald Raven Creations by Cynthia Porter. I take pride in the details of my workmanship, the beauty of my designs, and make things I might wear or display myself.

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