This previous Saturday, December 5th, I did the Tangletown Art Crawl. I went in with a good head, some great new pieces, a better set-up, and no expectations except enjoyment.

It paid off!

Tresa, the lady who coordinates artists for Music In Mears said it was lovely to see how my display had progressed through the summer and how my offerings had continued to improve. I can’t wait to see her next summer! For now, let me focus back on Saturday.

We had a pretty good crowd, somewhere around 120 people. At least one of the houses in the event saw upwards of 300. Perfect day- beautiful weather after having had cold and snow (so people weren’t tempted to do last-minute yard work instead) and everyone out to have a good time- see and maybe buy pretty things.

My display has come a long way from a piece of fabric draped over a plastic bin. (lol, but seriously……)

My offerings have evolved with them. The coordinator of the event remarked just how much I had strengthened since October. I thanked him and told him it basically took all of November and walked him through the steps you’ve heard here. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it all takes me in these next couple months without events.

Time for the next generation of Emerald Raven!


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