Irony is Mean

Irony loves to have its way with me, and last week was no different. After writing Monday’s post about feeling much better and reminding everyone to take care of themselves… I spent Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a migraine. I have never had a migraine last that long before, the previous “record” was 3 days, and that was only once. Happy Thanksgiving. =p

It worked out okay, I only had work at the shop Monday and Friday last week, due to the holiday. This week is more important I am up and running, and so far it looks that will be the case. I worked at the shop this morning and will be going back Thursday and Friday. Saturday this week is the GRAND MEANDER.

I’ll be happily joining everyone at Summit Avenue UCC again (900 Summit Avenue in Saint Paul).

Tandy Leather had some lovely Black Friday/Small Business Saturday deals and I will hopefully get a chance to try out and review those purchases soon! Beyond that, with the migraine, I had some time to just… think about things. I wasn’t able to get anything done, considering the various issues with light, sound, and scent; so I figured I could at least give more thought to where I would like the business to go.

As mentioned earlier in the month, I have been having a bit of a back and forth over doing the more craft-based sales that tend to pop up this time of year. I realized when I really thought about why I was doing them, it was more about avoiding things (selling online, shipping items) then accomplishing anything (building recognition). A large push in this realization came from an odd place– watching other people post about their businesses in a thread to promote your business. I saw many well-crafted posts about “I do X” or “I do Y” or maybe “I do XYZ” and then… someone who basically was “I do XYZQABF.”

It was kind of off-putting and I suddenly realized that’s what I’m doing myself. Long ago I read about creating recognition and finding your niche and I had no idea where I would go with that, so continued along without giving it much thought. However, at this point, I know exactly what I could do as my niche, where I have been finding recognition, and what I could do to nurture and grow that. There is no GOOD reason for me to continue my avoidance; only bad reasons.

So with that in mind, I will be heading into December.

Anyone else score some great deals on Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday? Join me on Thursday to at least find out what tools I picked up, and my initial impressions!

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