January Wrap

There are a lot of different ways to define success. I’m not exactly sure if I was successful following the 30 Day Challenge, but I definitely feel like there were some successes because of it.

Pinterest has started to generate traffic, like it or not, so once I get Etsy going again the combination of the two could be very good. I’ve started gaining followers on Instagram that just find me of their own accord. And I finally was able to wrap up the Facebook Follow Giveaway.

I took time to think about goals, I signed up to be part of craft events as a vendor I might not have otherwise, and I really looked at and read about different ways to make my business more successful this year. I didn’t push my boundaries too much, but I could very well be doing another round of this challenge in the future.

Overall, it was worth my time and a very good thing to have run across.

Of course, now all I will really think about for the next couple weeks is Valentine’s day… because I am still a florist. Hopefully I will manage to push myself to continue to do both. The next three days I have off and I’m going to do my best to write Tool Thursdays for the month and perhaps some Monday posts.

Beyond Valentine’s, I have Gardens and Gears on the 21st, which I did actually start making the mask I sketched to wear. So far it is looking pretty neat. I should also figure out what else I am wearing, besides a corset. I don’t think February is going to be the best month for the business, but my “day job” will more than cover.

How is the month looking for everyone out there?

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  1. You set out to finish the challenge and you got through the whole thing even if you didn’t do certain days. You decided to skip those particular topics, not I forgot to do it and now I just give up. That’s an important distinction.

    Rest of the month hopefully looks better than the Blazer deciding reverse is for wimps.

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