More Improvement

Pictured: Display in progress in Fall 2016… and this past Sunday.

Last week I mentioned how even the smallest processes can continue to be improved, as long as you continue to think about it and give it a critical eye.

Well, I got a sharp jostling of how I’ve improved myself on Sunday, images of which rather speak for themselves. My collection of display props has exponentially increased. On Saturday, I purchased gridwall and was surprised just how much of an improvement it made.

I have official, printed banners now.

Pretty much… everything has improved.

We will see if the sales follow suite next month, but at the very least I have a better understanding of JUST HOW FAR I have come. Also, just how much stuff I can fit in the back of a Honda Civic. lol

This was a great reminder for me, and should be a reminder for everyone reading… look back on those pictures from time to time. You may feel like you’re creeping forward because you are in things EVERY DAY. We need to sometimes look years back and get that big reminder how far we’ve come.

I can’t wait to see what things look like in another two years!

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