Most Valuable Resource

After a tough weekend… and having been pushing myself for a couple months, if I am to be honest, life decided to give me one of those reminders to slow down. A sore throat led to a sore body and then some chills, and I found myself increasingly ill over the week. Wednesday was spent in bed or in my reclining chair.

While I am pretty much healed up as I write this today, I thought it was time to make another reminder that your most valuable resource while running a business… is you.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know I put a focus on doing things safely. Wear protective equipment, know the risks of things you are working with, work in ventilated spaces… Well, we also need to remember the body has needs itself besides the outside forces we might put it up against, and I had not been doing my best on the inside.

I neglected better nutrition options (though I still refuse to regret my ice cream breakfast one day), didn’t stay as hydrated as I could through the shows, and decided to be “tough” and not put on another layer when I started to feel a bit cold Saturday. I have been sleeping less and working longer hours making inventory, planning displays, and doing the things one does running a handiwork based business.

There is only so much we can put ourselves through before our bodies fight back, or an invading force takes advantage of the weakened state of our immune systems.

While this was the “best” week it could choose this month or next month, things do not usually work out that way… so while everyone else is writing about pushing yourself to make the big holiday money… I’m writing to remind you there are other things.

Take care of yourselves, or you don’t have much of a business (in this industry).

Yes, there is a reason they call it Black Friday.
Yes, these sales might be what holds you over the rest of the year.

But keep sight of yourself. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have much of anything.
Take it from someone who has literally been struck by cars. =p

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