My Best Friend, Chuck


My newly “upgraded” Dremel with the chuck attachment, along with my drill bits, and the old collet system I will no longer need.

I mentioned in my last Tool Thursday post I was hoping to pick up a chuck for my Dremel tool, since I didn’t have all the different collet sizes the system has (there are four) and wasn’t able to utilize my tiniest drill bit. Un/luckily with the thermostat broken and no heat going to our upstairs furnace zone, we needed to visit a store to pick up a new thermostat.

That went perfectly, by the way. Definitely feels like a task pretty much anyone could accomplish, following directions so they don’t get electrocuted! (Turn off power to the furnace, that’s it) It wasn’t the only problem, but thankfully the other problem was relatively inexpensive (system needed purging because it was air locked) and I can totally do it in the future now that I’ve watched it be done.

Anyway, as long as we were there I stopped by the rotary tool section and they happened to have two in stock this time. After contemplating the difference in buying the full system of collets vs. the chuck for far too long (seriously, lady, it is THREE DOLLARS) my wife got sick of me and tossed the chuck into the basket and walked off.

So far I definitely like it. I do worry that not using the wrench anymore to tighten things could lead to them loosening during use, but since I usually have the tool on for about five minutes a time at the most, I can just be sure to check before starting the next section. That was the only negative I had heard when I first found out about this option online.

The time saved when switching bits will certainly add up and I’m glad this is a new accessory for my arsenal. Not having a radiator key yesterday was an important reminder about having the right tool for a job. I hadn’t had that much of a reminder since I bought myself the right size anvil for setting eyelets!

What is your most recent reminder of how much better a job goes with the right tool?

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  1. I make do with a leatherman and steak knife for 95% of things I need a tool for. The other 5% is how we’ve acquired the current tools that we do have. 🙂

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