Recapping the Roller Derby

Welcome to another week! Today we are recapping last weekend and looking forward… as we usually do. Saturday was the Holidazzled and Confused show and Sunday was a more personal event, my mentor Jim Mims’ funeral.

I have never been to a roller derby event before, so this was a new experience on many levels for me. The crowd was as diverse as I could ever hope to find, and we had a mutual love for each other. Despite realizing that I don’t tend to do well at holiday shows because people buy my things for themselves… I did really well at this show.

My perspective has not changed and I still think holiday shows are not my scene in general, but the exception here was very clear. The patrons were buying for themselves- they were supporting artists and enjoying the unusual addition to their game. Very few were looking specifically for gifts, though I certainly had a mix of “this is for me” and “this is for dad/friend/sibling/etc.” I was invited to participate in this show because my items are more unusual and the show runner was right, it was “my” crowd. They are talking about future shows, and I hope it happens. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions at this event!

Sunday was a more somber day and I won’t say much about it, but funerals are always a reminder our time here is limited. Keeping that in mind, I launched heavily into the next project, which is an entry for the next edition of the Winter Carnival art show.

Wish me luck, as I have until Midnight to complete it…!

That being said, it has finally been an opportunity to work with my new swivel knife, so look forward to that on Tool Thursday. I will also be finishing presents this week, seeing the newest Star Wars, and whatever else life throws at me.

Stay tuned to read all about it. 😉
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