Survived Another One

Above: A picture of some of my double white-red Columbine plants, happily blooming.

All told I walked 27 miles to and from the flower shop for this holiday, but I survived my ninth Mother’s Day in floral. This year was more emotionally draining then past years and obviously took a physical toll as well. My feet hurt, my fingers are swollen… I skipped writing on Thursday, apologies there.

I let things on Instagram slide as well, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of the usual. I got to take in more red cedar pieces from the fence guy and if it weren’t pouring rain right now, I’d be out there with my sander.

Instead I have a nine-page logo printed out and ready to be transferred to the fabric I have cut to make a sign for the table. While I didn’t complete the project, I did work on it… and I posted a picture of me wearing Terra’s dress, too. I surprised myself, finding the energy to sew a couple days and I’m hoping I’ll continue to surprise myself this week.

While there was a point I would focus far more on things I DIDN’T get accomplished, I’m happily not stuck in that mental rut. I’m looking forward to projects in the works and completing some beautiful things.

Another commission has found me, and I look forward to making that vision a reality. It’s probably better the rain will keep me from playing outside today and I hope everyone else is finding their silver linings, too.

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  1. What a different post Mother’s Day Weekend perspective even with how draining it was. Just confirms that this was the right choice for you in life to change places of vocation!

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