Taking Time Off

Above: a serene lake, surrounded by trees- my idea of the perfect place to take time off.

I’m writing this post on Thursday, even though it is posting today, Monday. As it posts I am either at work or heading over to have a surgical procedure done. Hopefully I’ll heal up within the week, but just in case I’m taking this Thursday to write for Monday and next Thursday.

Planning ahead isn’t something I always do as well as I could. People who grow up living day-to-day have problems looking past that and figuring out what to do in the future. I am getting better, both on my own and with reminders, and it is an important skill.

I still laugh a bit when someone asks me where I see myself in five years, but it isn’t entirely beyond my thought pattern now to think about. Attending the Renaissance Festival I always visit a lady I somewhat consider my mentor, Ruth Craig. If you haven’t ever watched her leatherwork demonstrations, you really should. We talked a bit this time about thinking you had planned the future and the feeling of panic when something beyond your control comes along to change things.

Our Renaissance Festival has been in peril for a couple years now. The lease on the land has been almost revoked several times, in favor of a mining operation taking over. This obviously affects the vendors, and Ruth is one of them. She said for awhile she wasn’t sure what else she would do, and got a bit stuck in that thinking. Then other ideas began to trickle in and she realized– it would be okay. Things have a way of working out, even if it isn’t exactly how you had pictured them.

Go forth and make goals and realize they sometimes won’t come to fruition.  It is far worse to be stuck spinning your wheels with no path forward. Trees fall all the time, it is rare they crush and destroy beyond recognition. Rebuilding or navigating a new direction is part of the process.

As for me, I’m hoping to heal up quickly, and join me on the 19th to see how I’m doing. Join auto poster on the 15th to read about the humble sewing gauge. A bit off the usual wire or leather path, but was reminded how useful the things are making a jerkin earlier this month!

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  1. Hope ur surgical procedure goes without problems and you heal well and fast!

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