Tool Thursday: Brush Set

Hello and welcome to another Tool Thursday. Despite my best intentions, I didn’t get to play with leather this week so I’m going to review the brushes I broke open yesterday to paint a commission with instead!

The brushes in question are “Crafter’s Choice Super Value Pack, RCC603.” I chose this brush set because of the price point, appearance of the bristles, and selection included. It has 15 brushes, with black Taklon fibers. The back of the package has a little demonstration of some things painted with each brush type and a picture of them with names (in English, French, and Spanish).

The bristles come stiffened with something, which easily washes out, and leaves a nice medium firmness fiber. If you are looking for something stiff to do stencils or some dry brush techniques, these are not going to be appropriate. Also, if you are looking for something very soft, these will not work for that, either.

I found the bristles to gather paint relatively well- I was working in acrylics, so cannot speak to watercolor or oil. The handles are a nice size and feel sturdy, and I do like the gel grips on them. The quality of the liners is not great, and if you are looking for brushes to do very miniscule work, I would suggest looking elsewhere. I also cannot speak to how well the fan brush works, as I am unfamiliar with that brush type.

I see them having the problem of single hairs/fibers separating from the main brush shape, as most inexpensive brushes do, but the ferrule and construction certainly put them above the category of “cheap.”

If you are looking to do some occasional painting for fun or to embellish a project, you could certainly do much worse. However, if you are a professional looking to do a lot of painting, certainly spend your money buying individual brushes that will last you a lifetime. I have some of those, too, and a good brush is worth it. (…even though you’re getting ONE when you could have purchased FORTY FIVE of these!)

With that, I am off to continue readying for Saturday! If you are in the area, please remember to come enjoy the Grand Meander… even if you don’t come off the beaten path and join us at 900 Summit Avenue.

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