Tool Thursday: Part Storage Cases (HF #93929)

Hello lovely people! Today I’m going to do a short review of some cases I picked up this month, Harbor Freight item #93929. I went into Harbor Freight looking to pick up 62778, but saw these next to them. First, let me tell you why I changed my mind, and then we’ll get into the actual review.

62778 is a single 20 bin storage case. The bins are deeper and bigger than 93929. Currently priced at $8.99, versus $4.79. Price wasn’t the deciding factor, though it helped. I realized I could buy two of the smaller 93929 for about the same price as one of the larger… and have 30 bins at my disposal. This was more useful for me, as I used them to sort out my gemstone beads/nuggets. If I had needed the larger bins, I would have still went with the larger case.

Anyway, there are our first bits of information- the 93929 comes with 15 bins. And they are actually bins. You can remove them from the overall shell casing, this is not a traditional storage box. It has 3 larger bins and 12 smaller bins, which was useful to sort crystals into versus beads/nuggets, or for larger nuggets. I was worried about the bins shifting around, but was pleasantly surprised to discover they have feet, and the case has hollows for them to set into. For a $5 case, it is very detail oriented!

Removing the bins is so much better than having a storage case with molded bins. If you have one bead left in the bin, there is no more chasing it around, you can pull the bin out and dump it into your hands. I’m not going to replace all of my other bins- because that would be wasteful- but I really wish these had been on my radar when I first started getting things for organization. (Though to be fair a ton of my organizers were gifts or inherited)

Opening the bin is more difficult than a traditional storage case, because it has locks on the sides, instead of just flipping it open. This thing was made to carry screws, nuts, and bolts around- I don’t think I’m going to need to worry about it getting knocked down and things spilling out. Ask my cat how thrilled I was when she knocked over one of my bins of beads… anyway.

The lid is a little flimsy compared to the construction of the rest of the box, but no more so than a usual organizer I would buy at fabric/craft stores. We’ll see how it holds up.

For now, if you need small parts organized, I can solidly recommend these!

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