Tool Thursday: Reeves 18 Color Acrylic (8493201)

Given a task to paint rainbow feathers and a want to get back into painting with some canvases gifted to me, I picked up a set of artist acrylics. When painting masks, I use a combination of artist/professional grade, student grade, and craft grade paints. While I have all the colors of the rainbow already, it isn’t actually an easy task for me to do something like that.

A bit of a genetic “freak,” I am color deficient (also known as red/green colorblind). I obviously hide that pretty well and have found various ways to adapt… but mixing paint is not and will never be high on my list of fortes. So I wanted a full set of one grade and brand of acrylics so I wouldn’t have any issues with the colors… once I got used to handling them.

The first attempt failed, for those curious. Midtones got muddy. Every set of paints has a learning curve for drying times, best way to mix colors, and how they blend. I would say these are mostly student grade paints, with a few of the tones making it a bit higher into low grade artist. They take longer than craft paints to dry, but don’t stay wet for blending as long as my highest grade artist’s acrylics.

Some of the colors are much more opaque than others, which makes mixing a bit of a challenge. Some have better adhesion than others, which means laying one over the other might take some of the previous color off, or not leave the current color where you want it.

These are issues that can be worked around, if you have the knowledge and skills to do so, but I would not consider this an appropriate entry level beginner set, it would be too frustrating to figure that out. For someone with some knowledge, these worked nicely and helped me achieve my goal.

They thin nicely and I can see them working well for doing washes of color, regardless of your skill level. I believe they could be used for impasto, but if that is really the style you want to work in, spend your money on several true artist grade tubes.

This set was mostly a “miss” for me, and I don’t believe I will be purchasing more in the future.

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