Tool Thursday: Velvet Necklace Stands

Pictured: two black velvet necklace stands on a sidewalk step background

This past year I purchased two different velvet necklace stands. I realized that people were having some trouble figuring out the torc necklace style I had started making. I was hoping it would help with sales, and it has some, though I still get “what is this?” on a regular basis.

I didn’t realize it until Saturday’s show (because I usually only use one of them and not both) that despite appearing almost identical and both feeling sturdy enough- one is slightly better. They were purchased at two different places, and I know if I ever get a third (…or more) they will be from the second place.

So, vagueness aside, what makes the second better and where can other people purchase them? The first necklace stand has no brand markings on it, but I know I purchased it at Michael’s. The second is by “hildie & jo” and I purchased it at Jo-Ann Fabrics. The second is slightly heavier and is more balanced. It stays upright better on its own than the first does due to a heavier base. The material on the back of both seems to be a heavy duty paper, but is slightly more attractive on the second, too.

If looking very closely, the shoulders on the first appear to be a bit wider and the neck at a different angle. The second is slightly taller. Each is very subtly different and I find myself drawn to the shape of the first by a small margin. But staying upright is… kinda important. I have found it easy enough to attach a clamp to the back to keep it upright, in even the strongest of winds- but that is less attractive.

Keeping them clean, as with all black velvet things, is a bit of a pain. They pick up dust and it shows. I keep some masking tape in my “go-to sales box” since I have started taking these with me on a regular basis and that works nicely.

Changing from having all of my necklaces hanging from trees or draped over boxes and/or across the table has seemed to help sales. If you don’t have a neck-shaped form of some sort or other, I would suggest trying one in your display to see if it also helps reach your customers. Each type has pluses and minuses, and this has been my take on the traditional, black velvet free-standing types.

Join me on Monday to hear about how well (or NOT well) I did handling two very different shows on the same weekend! Saturday is the Holiday Market at Wabasha Brewing and Sunday is the Fridley Fall Festival at Fridley Community Center. Wish me luck!

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