Tool Thursday: Wet Brush

Sometime during the Summer at a Music in Mears event, I mentioned to another artist (Lynzy, of Ethereal Stone) that I needed to untangle my wig after the previous weekend and was not looking forward to it. Untangling this wig has meant hours of work in the past, even when I have done it every time after wearing it has still taken at least 30 minutes.

“You should get a Wet Brush,” she told me. I gave her a blank look and she talked about how often she used one in her salon. I mentioned I used a comb and it was fine, but her words stirred in my head yesterday while I was out shopping. They had a sale, and since they had one in purple, I decided to give it a go… and I regret not picking one up earlier.

I untangled BOTH of my wigs in far less time then it would usually take to do just one. I’ve also had problems with my own hair tangling lately since the weather is dry, and it went through that with no problems, too. Then I had my spouse try it and she immediately wished she had picked one up for herself.

Something about the design helps it glide through hair, even through the knotted mass I had in one of the wigs (though it did involve some “working” through the base and up, unlike the rest where I could just pull it through). The bristles felt pleasant on my scalp, and I was very pleased with how soft my hair felt after brushing.

I know it is unusual for me to essentially review a beauty tool, but I feel like more people need to know about this brush. As I get deeper into this business, I know my appearance is part of what helps my sales, and wigs help me draw attention to myself and my creations. This brush is going to allow me to wear wigs more frequently at events, as it will no longer be a chore and time suck to care for them.

Don’t worry, I won’t start talking about the makeup I’ve started buying, too. Unless you’d like me to, in which case hit me up on Facebook. 😉

Back to Lynzy and Ethereal Stone, she is the host of this week’s sale- 4pm at the Coliseum on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, an auxiliary event to the Minnesota Roller Girls bout that night. I’m excited!

Join me next week here to hear about the event!

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