ToshoCon Review

Yes, I touched on ToshoCon some last Monday, but I wanted a more official… review. This was the convention’s second year, and it definitely seemed well-attended. There was some cosplaying, besides the parts that were actively encouraged by the costume making studio they had set up in a different room. They served a free lunch (ramen cups and cookies) which was nice and seemed well-organized.

It had a small vendor area, which was separate from the artists’ area, the crafting area, and several areas for socializing. The loudspeaker was difficult to understand and a bit disruptive, but actively attempted to let attendees know of events going on. I can see them adding more panel presentations next year and there was plenty of room to expand the artists’ area.

They actively tried to accommodate artists’ needs, and added an additional set-up time the night before in case the one hour prior wasn’t quite enough. There were extra chairs available, and staff to assist. A little warning that we would have ONLY an hour for take-down would have been appreciated. They actually flipped the room to hold the cosplay runway and contest right then in the space! Thankfully the staff also took down the provided tables.

Overall, a nice community event.

My craftsmanship was recognized by one of the staff members and I was asked to possibly teach a class for a “Library After Dark” event in the future, which sounds exciting and enjoyable. Following up the next day at the Victorian Steampunk Costume Birthday Party Event (at a different library) made me realize just how libraries have changed to keep up with the times.

I need to see about getting a library card and taking the orientation class to use the maker space. While I have been hesitant about laser cutters and other various machines, it might be time to start thinking about that as part of my future.

Finishing the artist trade yesterday gave me an additional push in thinking I am heading the right direction. Now I just need to find out how far I am going. Until next time!

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