Work With Me!

Today’s title comes less from the literal meaning of the words (though I’m open to the idea of collaborating with another artist!) and more from the “know thyself” perspective of things. For a business to work, especially the sort of business where it is basically you and your tools, you have to work with yourself and not against yourself.

You can force yourself into the up with the sun, down early evening if you need to, and that might even be a schedule you like (in which case, follow it). Personally I’m more of up around 9 or 10, sleep at 1 or 2 kind of person. Sometimes even up at 8 after being awake until 4 (actually that was a lot more common when I was younger) and the longer I have been doing this business, the more I am learning to just go with it.

Yes, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO get certain things done, on a certain schedule, but that schedule should also incorporate what works for you… or something is going to crash and burn. Learn when you work, how you work, and it will help you immensely.

Obviously, this isn’t always possible– most of us work second or more jobs– and someone else is dictating how we structure our days. And not everyone is capable of being their own boss, either. I have a lovely friend who knows when she has free reign it usually means she doesn’t get things done. I myself will struggle with certain aspects and just spent all of Sunday playing catch up on administrative tasks. You can hire other people to take care of some of that, or you can learn what sort of drive you need to complete things.

And this also runs on that heavy assumption that you want to just work for yourself and that is your dream… which, honestly, is not my dream.

I know myself, I know that I love being a florist (and I don’t want a floral business), and that running a business that provides my sole income would stress me out and destroy any joy that I find in creating. I have looked into the laws and regulations it takes to hire employees and I don’t want that. I hear on a frequent basis “if you just did […] your business would grow and make so much more money.”

And that’s wonderful to hear, and supportive, and ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT I WANT.

I do want that for the people who want that, and I do want the attitudes towards people working as artists to not be starving, but I do not plan to be the person on a pedestal showing you can do it. I’m happy to provide resources and share my knowledge and help others get there… but not me.

So know yourself, work with yourself [me], and remember as long as you are moving forward, you’re doing ok. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you, and your business won’t be, either.

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