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About Cynther and the Trading Post

Please note this is a 'cyber' site. These are not 'real.'

This is mostly behind-the-scenes information. If that interests you, feel free to read on. If it doesn't, don't feel obligated to read this. Just remember, unless otherwise noted, images on these pages were created by me and please don't take them!

The Trading Post

Graphics, layout, and coding were created by me. I've been creating and coding webpages for quite some time now, though I've only recently learned the power of CSS and PHP.

Everything is based around a photograph I took that I simply titled 'Trees' (link leads to my Flickr site). I wanted purple, black, and white, so I colorized and lowered the saturation until I achieved a look I liked.

The fonts used are Arial for plain text in the banners and Basehead for everything else. I've always wanted to use the font but never had a use until now!

Who is Cynther?

In real life my name is Cynthia. I was given the nickname 'Cynther' by one of my classmates in high school and I liked it enough to use it online. Since then I have been known by many others- Jeteska, Vahyla, Nethkyve, Quantanya, to name a few... it depends on where I am.

The woman behind it all pays the bills working as a florist with the occasional dollar coming in from artistic works. I have been active in the 'cyberpet' community nearly since it began with the Minidragon Isle in the mid-90's! Yes, that means I'm a bit older than a lot of the rest of the community, but I've never cared about that..

As a florist I'm often quite busy during the holidays, so try to keep that in mind if I disappear.

Lessa has known me since we were young'uns and we've started many projects together in that time... itself is one of them and I'm thankful for such a friend as I've been given.

I think that's enough information, really! If you do have questions I'm generally not shy about who I am, so feel free to ask them.