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Commission Pricing and Samples

Please note this is a 'cyber' site. These are not 'real.'

Table of Contents:

1. Creature type and base pricing
2. Creature examples
3. Creature information/links to websites
4. Other commission information

Creature Type and Base Pricing

Listed alphabetically and then by price
Daeross- 35
Dra'alek- 25
Emeralian Hippogryph- 35
Greshi- 40
Gryphcats - 50
Ja'alek- 35
Mini B- 35
Wyvie- 20

By Price
20 - Wyvie
25 - Dra'alek
35 - Emeralian Hippogryph, Ja'alek, Mini B
40 - Greshi
50 - Gryphcat

Creature Examples

Under construction as we are just restarting... some are available.



Emeralian Hippogryph




Mini B


Creature Information/Website Links

Daeross- New Site!
Dra'alek- Under reconstuction
Emeralian Hippogryph- Geocities Site
Greshi- Under reconstruction
Gryphcats- Very Old Site
Ja'alek- Under reconstruction
Mini B- Geocities
Wyvie- See Emeralian Hippogryph pages

Other Commission Information

I am available to do outlines, coloration, templates, persona pictures, and just about anything else you can think of for artworks. I have many examples from my years of experience and work hard to assure you are thrilled with the work I create for you.

As of now I have not thought much about what to offer from here, I only have one thing set in stone. Once I am more established again I'm sure this section will grow.

1 outline, smooth-lined with shading template: 7$ (U.S. currency)
Example: Shiven