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Rsuchu Unicorns

Please note this is a 'cyber' site. These are not 'real.'
Rsuchu Unicorns are created by DragonSpyrit of the Orchard, and GaiaOnline

You're certainly not in Kansas anymore. What's around the next corner always seems to be changing, even the very landscape itself. It certainly doesn't change in the usual gradiations from plains to desert and beyond, it abrubtly goes from one to the next, as if the land itself formed to necessity.

How it stays that way is rumination for another time, there seems to be another creature ahead!

Sunday's Lofty Intentions
Name: Sunday's Lofty Intentions
ID: ru11fn

"Hey!" you shout after the creature. It stops and turns an ear your direction. "Hello?" you offer. Perhaps shouting what could be taken as a threat towards something with a horn of that size might not be the best idea.

The creature, obviously a unicorn now, turns and faces you.

"Yes?" its mane and tail flutter slightly in the wind.

"Oh, uh, I... err."

The unicorn snorts. "A Rsuchu Unicorn, sometimes refered to as a 'Runi' imported to the realm on Vahyla's bequest. My name is Sunday's Lofty Intentions." She stamps a hoof and turns about, muttering something about humans.

Maybe you'll do better with your next encounter... there does seem to be two more in the distance!

Jogging over to them they pause what they're doing. The first snorts a bit and shies away. The second takes a small bow.

Passion's Nightly Kiss
Name: Passion's Nightly Kiss
ID: ---

Royalty's Greatest Treasure
Name: Royalty's Greatest Treasure
ID: ru18fn

You feel compelled to do a small bow in return and add "How do you do?"

The 'Runi' flicks her lion-like tail. "Quite well, thank you. My name is Royalty's Greatest Treasure and this here is Passion's Nightly Kiss... don't expect much out of her, though. She's quite shy."

You smile and nod.

Royalty's Greatest Treasure flicks her tail again and looks around. "Say, have you seen Lofty around?"

Your grin grows a little. Something tells you the first Runi wouldn't entirely approve of her name being shortened like that. "Yes, she was the first I met in this area, actually."

'Treasure' wrinkles her nose a bit. "Well..." she stops, turns to her companion and they suddenly bolt off. Who knows what that was about!