Squall of the Purple Cherish

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I can't be entirely sure of how you arrived at this place, but welcome.

This area of Emeral has been deemed the "Squall of the Purple Cherish." It is home to all the Ojee Cynther has collected. They hail from places both far and wide, and close to home. They are a greatly varied race, the likes of which Emeral has never been home to before.

Ojee can be up to six feet tall, or only around a foot or two. They can have menacing horns, spikes, and teeth, or appear as cuddly as an Earthling's kitten. Some sport coats as varied as the rainbow, while others have only one color to their fur... and some have no fur... and, possibly, no flesh.

As you can tell, the only way to truly know what an Ojee is, would be to visit. So please feel free! But! Always remember-- you may look as much as you like, but do not take these wonderous creatures from this home they have found. There are plenty of places from which one may aquire Ojee... including one's own hand. Stealing is not welcome here.

Feb. 11, 2007: Glaze of the Stripe Splash x Spotted of the Golden Leopard
Jan. 31, 2006: Spotted of the Golden Leopard
Jan. 20, 2006: Steel of the Lasso Comet
Jan. 19, 2006: Moved Squall to new server.
Ojee idea by CD Steele. Layout by Cynther. Credit is always given where due!