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Hermaphrodidic Ojee
Welcome to where our hermaphrodidic Ojee reside. We currently have just one, but I am quite sure our group will grow. Each has hir own plaque and within that plaque you can find where shi came from. Remember, whether an Ojee looks cute and cuddly, it may not be, so don't touch! We wouldn't want any injured visitors...

Finder of the Jeweled Frogs Finder of the Jeweled Frogs
Body Build - Skeletal
Legs - Mundane
Ears - Antennae
Muzzle - Draconic
Fur Type - Wavy Medium-Length
Tail - Fox
Markings - Panda
Color Categories - Greens
Exact Colors - Mint and Neon
Mutations Displayed - Combination Markings (Orca), Bioluminescent (the neon will glow softly for a short while if going from a bright area to a dark area)
Mutations Carried - Doppleganger, Armadillo
From - Lessa Lynn
Ojee idea by CD Steele. Layout by Cynther. Credit is always given where due!